I stumbled across this cookbook by accident and it was an awesome discovery. Nanban is the creation of American chef Tim Anderson and was written as a homage to the translation of なんばん; the idea of a foreigner in Japan.

The book has multiple different sections, with really useful chapters such as the typical ingredients used with the Japanese name under the English, the fundamentals of Japanese cooking and even an entire section on just ramen. 

One of my favourite recipes is entitled ‘Onsen Tamago’ which translates as hot spring egg, which are normally cooked in the hot springs in Japan. 温泉玉子 are cooked at the lower temperature of the hot springs which means the yolk of the egg is still soft once the white has fully cooked. They are served with sauces or can be used to top ramen dishes.

Although not a Japanese written cookbook, it’s been incredibly useful and mouthwatering to read, and useful for the basics. I can’t wait to get my hands on a fully Japanese cookbook one day! Arigatou and さようなら for now, Jooosiekins XXX


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