A few weeks ago I picked up this amazing English/Japanese anime book My Darling is a Foreigner [ダーリンは外国人] which is based on the lives of the author Japanese Saori and her American other-half Tony. I picked it up from the Japan Centre at Piccadilly in London a few weeks ago, and have been flying through it.

I am so far off being fluent in Japanese so it’s good the book is an English/Japanese version, but it has been allowing me to identify grammatical things, particles such as の and は. The book (and even the title of the book) has shown me how crucial katakana is to being able to fluently read and understand Japanese. This will have to be my next big task!

The book contains loads of really useful anecdotes that are also educational, such as the basic kanji lesson pictured above. One of my favourites that I have come across so far is a section called ‘Nothing Beats Home Cooking’. It explains loads about numerous types of dishes – Japanese and non Japanese- and I LOVE all food.

In this section they describe a type of bento (lunch box) called a ‘ekiben’ which can be bought from train stations, or whilst travelling through the country, as they contain speciality foods from each region you are at or travelling through, which sounds like an amazing food journey. Just another thing to add to the list of reasons to go to Japan!

I’d highly recommend the book even if you don’t speak Japanese or aren’t learning as it’s a cute romance story with some interesting facts thrown in. Sayounara for now, Jooosiekins XXX

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