Isn’t food the greatest? I could honestly eat for days, with the occasional rest period for naps, and then straight back to eating. Discovering new foods is especially exciting for me. And Japanese food couldn’t be further from typical Scottish food.

I had heard of okinomiyaki before actually trying it, and when my aunt said she was cooking up a Japanese food storm including okinomiyaki I was there in a flash (fry). I helped prepare some of the ingredients and it was SO GOOD. I mean so delicious. And this is considered street food! I had to make it myself.

The basic description is a savoury cabbage pancake, which may sound totally unappealing, but then again I love cabbage. A simple batter is made and mixed with the shredded cabbage and poured out onto a flat pan over the heat. You can add bacon on the top before flipping. Once its done you cover (I mean absolutely drench) the pancake in okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise followed by bonito flakes.

The sauce is slightly sweet and tangy, Japanese mayo is thick and creamy and the bonito flakes (dried fish) add just the right amount of salt. IT IS AMAZING.

My first attempt wasn’t actually that bad I think, and it was so quick to make. If you want to try it out I’d recommend following Simon and Martina’s video which is so informative and fun – they always are.

I am absolutely going to make it again, and fingers crossed will get better in no time. Good luck in the kitchen and sayounara for now, Jooosiekinsan XXX



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