It has yet again been forever since I have had time to sit down and write an update. I WILL TRY HARDER I PROMISE!

Fitting study time in between work has been a constant struggle. When in university I found sitting down in the library tiresome without some good songs to play in the background and prevent procrastination.

This is when I stumbled upon this amazing group called ‘WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’ or 水曜日のカンパネラ and they are fantastic. Their music is alternative electronic female-lead rap infused with traditional Japanese sounds, and their music videos are just as good. I have also found whilst trying to only speak or think in Japanese is almost impossible if Britney Spears is playing in the background (I know your tooooxiiiiiiic!). And my basic level of Japanese doesn’t need any more encouragement to slink back even further into English.

Did I mention how cool they are?

If you’re struggling to stay in the swing of studying perhaps find an artist that is in keeping with your study, and make sure you enjoy the music. I LOVE WEDCAMP! If you can’t find anything that you’re digging, I’d recommend heading over to w.c.’s YouTube page and having a wee listen!

Sayounara and keep on grooving! Jooosiekins XXX



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