First off, I have been completely so super busy with work this week that I have had zero time to do anything blog related. Secondly, the title sounds utterly boring but I promise you it’s not. Partly because the outcome of the question is YES Netflix can be educational. Yay!

Because I have been so busy I also haven’t had much time to study, and when I am free I feel like lazing on my bed and putting on a film. Basically I turn into a vegetable until I have to get up for work again.

I actually mentioned to someone at work that I didn’t know where to find any Japanese programs or films online, and he suggested the anime section on Netflix – how I never thought of this I will never understand.

This lead me to the perfect way of being able to learn and laze! It also lead me to the cutest show ‘Little Witch Academia’. It is about a girls school that trains the girls to become  witches, where the main character struggles due to her non magical upbringing. There are two longish episode/films with Japanese voices and English subtitles, and last week the first episode of a newactual-17-episode-series was aired in Japan. Super excided for that!

All the anime shows are perfect for getting used to the language and I can occasionally recognise words that I know. Hopefully in time I will be able to watch them without relying so much on the subtitles, or perhaps even have Japanese vocals and subtitles – oh how I can dream!

On the whole I would recommend checking out the anime section on Netflix as they have bucket loads of shows, and most (that I have had a look at) have the option of English or Japanese voices/subtitles so you can customise the experience to your level of learning. Go off into the world with this wonderful knowledge and Netflix and learn to your hearts content.

For now, at least, a week off intense learning has been wonderfully lazy… AND educational! Arigatou and sayounara for now, Jooosiekinsan XXX


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