So far this year I have successfully kept up with my resolution to learn a new kanji a day – this is the first time since 2013 when I decided to start recycling that I’ve kept up with resolutions – so big celebrations. Woot woot!

I found an old calendar poster thing, which I’ve adjusted accordingly, so each day I have a set kanji to learn. I decided to start from the very beginning – a very good place to staaaaart… Uhh less singing more study…

Being less than experienced than a wee Japanese baby at the language I thought I’d learn the set kanji for each school grade and following Shirabe Jisho’s ‘Kanji Lists’ (see here for my review of the app). I am currently on Grade 1 – surprising right!?

The lists on the app are so thorough and contain practically everything that even an experienced Japanese speaker would need to know. Each kanji starts with the overall character, followed by smaller images indicating the stroke order which is super helpful for someone so uncoordinated at writing. There is the English translation, the frequency of use, the radicals included in the kanji and the compounds it forms to create other meanings. The main section of the Japanese kana reading is the hardest to understand due to kanji having multiple readings within two main categories – On and Kun readings.

I have had to do a bit of research on these before the kanji become more complicated – I have reached the kanji for the number 10 today; it gets harder from here so please send help.

On readings are representative of the original Chinese reading, and usually stand alone without hiragana attached, but can be formed of two kanji.

Kun readings are the Japanese readings which often have hiragana attached to the kanji, and usually consist of one kanji alone.

Each kanji I have studied so far has been simple with one or two readings and thus haven’t been an issue for my small calendar. So for each day I have written the kanji, the stroke order, number of strokes, English translation and the Japanese translation (for the basic readings). I have a feeling this is going to get super complicated later in the month but wish me good luck!

いち、に、さん、いく!Jooosiekinsan XXX


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