Thought I’d do my first review of one of my favourite apps that I use more than any other resource. A basic description is that it’s a dictionary. HOWEVER. It has so many different resources built in that calling it just a dictionary would be criminal.

It’s called ‘Shirabe Jisho’, so please stop whatever you are doing and go download it this second. IT’S FREE TOO!

Besides the obvious (that you can take it everywhere in your pocket), it’s also incredibly useful for every level of Japanese learner. It allows the user to draw the characters, search in romanj, full kanji or particles. It provides suggestions of characters as you write them, and of phrases and words.

Alongside being able to search words and phrases it also has numerous ‘word lists’ that have lists of expressions, Japanese slang, structural words and categories of specialist words like ones used in science. Sometimes when I have a spare 5 minutes I look through the lists and try to learn one or two words. I thought this was a really neat thing to have, and I have used it loads. Similar to the word lists, there are ‘kanji lists’ that show kanji arranged by frequency used and by grade learned in. Each kanji includes the meaning, stroke order and compounds where the kanji is used in conjunction with other characters.

If you’re learning Japanese I’d highly recommend getting this app, and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!

Arigatou and Merry Winter Festival, Jooosiekins XXX



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