Last week I was really ill and so took a week off of doing anything. But this week I’ve been trying to make up for it. #keepinkeepingon

I also learned a new phrase that reflected my mood last week: 


Literally meaning “I’m feeling bad” and translating to “I’m sick”.

This week I have been trying to think back to my school lessons where I learned German for about 6 years. There were the basic phrases that we started out learning along the lines of “hello my name is” and “I live here” etc. These were all quite easy phrases to remember in German, but with Japanese there is a whole different “alphabet” to learn. This has slowed my learning which can be demotivating for some people (I do have my days of “what am I thinking this is so difficult I can’t keep going”), but I am here to say to any also-new beginners;

keep going! It is so rewarding to be able to read hiragana words (even if I don’t know what the words mean haha) without having to quickly look them up. YOU CAN DO IT. 🌞

Even when I lose motivation I try to think why I’m doing this; to improving my memory, I have always been fascinated with the language, and would love to work there one day.

Think of why you’re learning Japanese if you’re ever losing motivation, and just keep swimming.

Sayounara (haha autocorrect changed that to “say piñata”) and arigatou, Jooosiekinsan XXX


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