[Insert really well written first blog opening statement, and feel welcomed into the fold]

I have always been interested in all things Japan, and earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and start learning the language. On a quick google search I found that Japanese is ‘extremely difficult for English speakers’ which was a little intimidating however on closer inspection of other peoples journeys into speaking Japanese, the progress you make will come from the motivation and discipline you place on yourself. And thus my motivation kicked in.

My work as a scientist (haha that sounds so sad, I am a little creative I swear!) takes up most of my time however the passion I have for learning new things has aided me in the past few months to fit in study here and there, with constant phone reminders prompting me to do a daily session of revision.

When I first started out I turned to the internet to find hopefully some free sites that would provide some kind of structure to learning Japanese, and there are many out there however the vast majority are run by advanced learners with a skillset far beyond what I had. This disappointment (read: intimidation) has lead to me wanting to help others out there by providing a site that will collate other pages, and specific posts that were of interest or that I found to be helpful, into one place.

So hopefully whilst muddling through my self-studies and trying to post once a week here, I will be able to keep my motivation levels high, and potentially inspire some other people to jump into the world of learning Japanese and help new starters along their journeys too.

Arigatou and sayounara for now, Jooosiekinsan XXX






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